Called to serve God by increasing awareness of His presence and declaring His love

Our Banners

At Stokesley Methodist Church, we regularly use banners as part of our worship.  Banners in themselves have no power but because of their significance in Scripture and what they symbolize, we use them to illustrate messages of praise, hope and faith.

Identity and unity
Our Banners remind us of “belonging” to the family of God. They are a witness to what we believe.

Our Banners often act as prompts for our prayers and their simple words or pictures speak to us of things which are relevant and meaningful, perhaps at different times of the year or because of topical interests.

We have chosen emblems and colours to reflect our cares and concerns, our celebrations and beliefs.

We choose short phrases and sayings from the Bible or verses from our Hymn Book in the design of our Banners. These words help to inspire the pictures which are embroidered onto the cloth so that each Banner encapsulates a message which is important in today’s church and in today’s world and which we want to portray to all who come in to our Church.

We pray that we have been able to glorify God with the Banners we have made and that they give encouragement to those who enter our doors.