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The Wall Hangings

The Wall Hangings, on display in the Hall at the rear of the Church, all represent trees from the Bible. They were made for the Flower Festival in July 2003 which celebrated the Bicentenary of John Wesley. They were made by ladies of the Church. Olive Halkett was the principal sewer and Mary Hunt added the painted images which set them in context. The project was a real community effort with over 30 people getting involved. Two workshop days were held to begin with, and subsequent sessions as and when necessary.

Beginning at the Hall door (entrance from the side of the Church):

1)    The Cedar of Lebanon (Psalm 92 v12)


Green patterned fabric appliquéd onto the backing fabric with hand-dyed and quilted fabric used for the trunk and branches.

2)    The Palm (John 12 v12-13)


Ostrich feathers donated by a market trader were washed and dyed for the branches. Beads were covered with old tights for the dates and for the trunk brown dupion silk was manipulated and stuffed.

3)   The “Good” Tree (Matthew 7 v17, Luke 6 v43)


Leaves from various patterned and textured green materials with red felt for the fruit. All were cut out and sewn on individually! The trunk is hand-dyed and machine quilted using cotton fabric.

4)   The Sycamore (Luke 19 v4)


Individual “sycamore” leaves were cut out and appliquéd onto the branches which were made from a variety of old tights!

Can you spot Zaccheus?

5)   The Olive Tree (Revelation 11 v4)


Cut from the green baize cover of an old billiard table. The olives are beads painted black and wired on and, once again, old tights were manipulated for the trunk.

6)   The Vine (John 15 v1)


The leaves were cut out of felt in various shades of green, the veins machine stitched, then sewn onto the backing cloth. This time the beads were covered with purple crepe paper then wired together to form bunches. The tendrils are pipe cleaners wound round a pencil then stretched. The stem? You’ve guessed, more tights!

Finally, all the hangings were given a brown border then stamped with gold shapes. The cords and tassels were hand made. The poles are agricultural implement handles stained, and the knobs were surplus to someone’s requirements! The positions were decided, the hooks were drilled into the walls, the hangings given a final press, then the banners were hung.

We didn’t count the hours … we didn’t hear any grumbles or complaints … but what we did do was to work together as a team. We valued each person’s contribution. TOGETHER we created something worthwhile.

We hope you enjoy the Fruits of our Labour.