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Mousey Moment … Our Map and our Guide

Have you ever been lost? I have, and I can tell you that it isn’t a good feeling. One time I was travelling at night and I took a wrong turn. As I drove, I began to get the feeling that I was heading in the wrong direction. Whenever I would come to a new road, I would turn in a new direction and soon I was hopelessly lost. I took out my road map and looked at the right page, but it didn’t help because even though I could see where I wanted to go, I didn’t know what direction I was going in. I didn’t know whether I was going north, south, east, or west. I was totally confused!

What I really needed that night was a map AND a compass! In this day and age most cars (or even your mobile phones) come with a SAT NAV & all you have to do is key in the post code of where you want to be & the satellite locates where you currently are. Then the Navigator gives out verbal and visual directions to guide you along your route. In the case of a compass, the needle on the compass always points north. If a traveller knows which way north is, he will know what direction he is travelling. If I had only had a map and a compass, the map would have shown me where to go and the compass would have pointed me in the right direction to get there.

As we travel through life, we need a map and a compass too. God has given us both. God has given us the Bible to be our map on the journey through life. But, sometimes the Bible is difficult for us to understand and it is hard to know the way we should go. God knew that, so He sent the Holy Spirit to be our guide. The Holy Spirit helps us to understand the Scripture and guides us in the right direction. That is what Jesus meant when he told his disciples, “But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth.” (John 16 v13a)

Oh – about my journey – I guess some of you are wondering how I ever found my way. Well, I wandered around for so long that it began to get light. When the sun came up, I knew that the sun comes up in the east. That was exactly the direction that I needed to go, so I just followed the sun!

Hey! You know, that’s a pretty good idea! When you are lost and confused – if you can’t read the map and you don’t have a compass – just follow the Son – God’s Son!

Dear Father, we thank you for giving us Your Holy Word to be our roadmap through life. We also thank you for sending Your Holy Spirit to be our guide. Most of all, we thank you for sending Your Son to be our Saviour. Amen.