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Mousey Moment … Use it or lose it.

For several decades, people have used the term “use it or lose it” to aptly describe the best way to off-set the problems that come with aging. As overly simplistic as the idea sounds, scientific studies continue to show that if you disengage in later life, things fall apart. This has particular relevance when we’re talking about mental performance.

Let’s start with a story from the Bible. Jesus went to the temple, a holy place where many people came to give gifts to God. When he arrived at the temple he found that people were not respecting this holy place. They were selling cattle, sheep, and doves and exchanging money. The temple had become like a huge marketplace.

Jesus drove the cattle and sheep out of the temple and stopped the people from exchanging money. He said, “Take these things out of here! Don’t make my Father’s house a marketplace!” (John 2:16).

Did you know that you are like a holy temple? A holy place is anyplace where God is. When you accept God’s love His Spirit becomes a part of who you are. God’s Spirit lives in you and your body is a holy place – a holy temple. By showing respect for our bodies, we show respect for God. Take care of your body; keep it clean and healthy, and let your behaviour be pleasing to God. Use your bodies, your minds, your actions to engage with God – this way your lives will not fall apart.

As we age learning new, novel information takes a bit more effort and time than earlier in life, but our foundation of knowledge and wisdom is far greater, thereby allowing us to understand more about subjects we know well. Keeping your brain active, keeping your body active, engaging in things which encourage physical and mental health, all help to maintain your strength, your stamina and your endurance. These are things which will help us to be the better person God wants us to be.

And here’s something to think about in the weeks ahead:

You can’t take it back, cannot find it again, cannot buy it, steal it, borrow it, or use someone else’s. You either have total control or it is gone. Each one of us on this earth has the same amount to start with, to use, or to throw away. Do you know what it is?

It is time. We have it to do with as we wish. But, are you really using your time effectively or are you just letting it escape through your fingers like sand through your toes as you walk along the beach? Each day we are given time to use well in the name of Jesus. Use it or lose it.