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Lock-down Scrapbook

This is a collection of stories, photographs, anecdotes & creative ideas, from members of our Church family, all wanting to share their personal experiences during the Lock-down of 2020/21. Despite all the restrictions imposed upon us by the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s amazing to see how everyone has found ways of filling their time at home – and are learning to appreciate all that is good and beautiful. There are also examples of how we have provided outreach to the wider community by extending the ‘hand’ of friendship & love through ‘ministry’ on the steps of the church.

Spring Lamb 25.04.20 – View

Eskdale Chapel 3.05.20 – View

VE Day 8.05.20 – View

Lego Sculpture 28.05.20 – View

Cross Stitch Sampler 13.06.20 – View

Cross Stitch Birds 22.06.20 – View

Emma’s Gallery 26.06.20 – View

Lisa’s Tandem Ride 27.06.20 – View

Ann’s Crafty Creations! 13.09.20 – View

Ruth’s Remarkable Pick-of-the-Day! 13.09.20 – View

Harry’s Allotment Harvest 14.09.20 – View

Battle of the Spuds! 19.09.20 – View

Christmas Angel – View

70 Rabbits! – View

Mothering Sunday 14.03.21 - View

Good Friday & Hot Cross Buns 2.04.21 – View

After Darkness, Light … Easter Sunday 4.04.21 – View