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Lock-down Scrapbook

This is a collection of stories, photographs, anecdotes & creative ideas, from members of our Church family, all wanting to share their personal experiences during the Lock-down of 2020. Despite all the restrictions imposed upon us by the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s amazing to see how everyone has found ways of filling their time at home – and are learning to appreciate all that is good and beautiful.

Spring Lamb 25.04.20 – View

Eskdale Chapel 3.05.20 – View

VE Day 8.05.20 – View

Lego Sculpture 28.05.20 – View

Cross Stitch Sampler 13.06.20 – View

Cross Stitch Birds 22.06.20 – View

Emma’s Gallery 26.06.20 – View

Lisa’s Tandem Ride 27.06.20 – View

Ann’s Crafty Creations! 13.09.20 – View

Ruth’s Remarkable Pick-of-the-Day! 13.09.20 – View

Harry’s Allotment Harvest 14.09.20 – View

Battle of the Spuds! 19.09.20 – View

Christmas Angel – View